• Celtic at Metropolitan 36-42 Courtney St North Melbourne
  • Closed until further notice due to current circumstances


    Membership Overview

    Become a member of the Celtic Club and enjoy special benefits while supporting the diversity and culture of the Club. You can do this at our new venue:

    • Celtic at Metropolitan (formerly Metropolitan Hotel)
    • 42 Courtney Street, North Melbourne (corner of Blackwood St)

    There are two types of Memberships available, Full Members and Social Members. Their benefits are outlined below.

    Costs associated with joining:

    Full Member

    One of Joining Fee $75
    Membership fee

    $25 till June 30 2018
    $50 till June 30 2019

    Social Member

    No Joining Fee
    Membership fee

    $15 till June 30 2018
    $20 till June 30 2019

    Note: If you transfer from a Social Member to a Full Member the Joining Fee still applies unless you have been a Social Member for 5 consecutive years.
    While our kitchen is currently closed, you are welcome to order in food to accompany your drinks served at the Celtic at Metropolitan Bar from UberEats, MenuLog and Deliveroo. Speak to our friendly staff for recommendations

    Full Membership Benefits

    • Discounts on all drink purchases (excluding specials)
    • Earn Loyalty Rewards throughout the Clubs facilities to spend on Beverages
    • Membership to reciprocal clubs – see ‘Kindred Organisations’ for more details
    • Monthly newsletter on upcoming events, functions entertainment and news
    • Monthly newsletter on upcoming events, link to the Celtic Club Melbourne podcast, functions, entertainment and news

    Social Membership Benefits

    • Discount on Beverages
    • Earn Loyalty throughout the Clubs facilities and spend on Beverages

    Membership Application Process

    1. Print off Membership Application Form - Download below
    2. Print the Application Form
    3. Fill out questionnaire and all other details
    4. Obtain Proposer name, Member number and Signature
    5. Obtain Seconder name, Member number and Signature
    6. Applicants Signature
    7. Send back to club via Email/Post or drop in it person

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