• Celtic at Metropolitan 36-42 Courtney St North Melbourne
  • Closed until further notice due to current circumstances


    The Celtic Club will be

    • The natural place to gather, foster and celebrate pride in Irish Heritage.
    • The Victorian Centre for promoting and providing leadership in Australian Irish heritage and culture.
    • Dedicated to creating the best possible venue for members and guests to enjoy the warmth of Irish hospitality and for this to occur in an environment that promotes the vital role that Irish Australians play in building the richness of Melbourne’s community.
    • Dedicated to maintaining and developing its premises and direct its resources to the prudent and sustainable development of the Club’s hospitality, cultural, heritage and recreational facilities principally for its members, as well as the broader Irish and Celtic groups within Victoria and the general public.
    • A dynamic and influential leader in Melbourne’s and Victoria’s Australian Irish community through its support of outstanding individual and community initiatives that enhance and maintain the Irish heritage and culture and that of other Celtic nations in Melbourne.

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