The Club is seeking to appoint members for this sub-committee and would like to encourage new applicants via the Expression of Interest form below on this page. The range of selection criteria is outlined below. Please highlight your skills and talents in line with the suggested selection criteria when applying.

(Applicants do not need to address all selection criteria but must be a Full Member of the club).

Expression of Interest should be submitted on or before the closing date 23rd February 5pm AEDT

Selection Criteria for Cultural and Heritage Sub-Committee:

Passion for Celtic Culture – Demonstrated passion for and knowledge of Celtic culture, heritage, and traditions.

Cultural Expertise – A background or experience in Celtic studies, history, folklore, or a related field.

Event Management Skills – Experience in organizing cultural events, festivals, or programs that celebrate Celtic heritage.

Knowledge of Celtic Arts – Familiarity with traditional Celtic arts, including music, dance, literature, and visual arts.

Community Engagement – Proven ability to engage with the community and foster a sense of belonging among Celtic enthusiasts.

Heritage Preservation -Understanding of heritage preservation practices and commitment to preserving Celtic heritage within the community.

Collaboration and Teamwork – Ability to work collaboratively with sub-committee members, volunteers, and other stakeholders.

Creative Programming – Capacity to develop and implement creative programs that showcase Celtic culture and heritage.

Educational Initiatives – Willingness to contribute to educational initiatives that promote awareness and understanding of Celtic heritage.

Communication Skills – Excellent communication skills to effectively convey the importance of Celtic heritage and cultural activities.

Networking Abilities – Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with cultural organizations, artists, and relevant community groups.