Culture Resource Centre

Library – Room 1

Whilst the Culture and Resource Centre is temporarily closed, we are still accepting donations of books. The Computer Centre is still open

The library has a collection of over 3,000 books (including magazines and periodicals) that feature our Irish and Australian-Irish heritage and history, literature, language, politics and the arts

Click for: Current Catalogue of Library Books A-Z in book title order (Use ‘Control+F’ to search for desired keywords)


The Celtic Club has these publications in the Library.

St Mary’s Newman Academic Centre Catalogue: Here and for their webpage Here

Book Reviews:

Reading Circle and Film Club (Coming Soon)

The CHC regularly conduct U3A (University of the 3rd Age) style sessions that include presentations, films, and discussion on various themes, characters and places that are part of and contribute to our Australian Irish heritage, history, and culture. This program encourages and creates the opportunity for members and friends to form book clubs and to utilize our library for research.

Sound and Film Centre – Room 2

Adjoining the Library is the Sound and Film Centre where members can listen to Irish music or view on TV screens; Australian Irish films and documentaries from our great collection of CD’s and Video/DVD’s

Also included are the Veteran interviews and Radio 3ZZZ interviews

See catalogues – Audio & Visual


The CHC conduct a regular radio program broadcasting forthcoming cultural events and interviewing special guests on topical subjects. (Refer Cultural Events List for detail) These programs are recorded on CD and filed in the library archives for member access.

Irish Radio Program Time: Every Sat. 10-11am & Sun 6-7pm. 

Senior's Computer Learning Centre - Room 3

Adjoining the Library is the Senior’s Computer Learning Centre where participants can receive free computer training. Programs include: introduction to word processing, connecting to the internet, sending emails and attachments, etc,

Artifacts And Paintings

The Cultural Heritage Committee is responsible for the custody and display of historical items, artifacts and paintings held by the Celtic Club. We have created an attractive and stimulating gallery of Irish and Australian Irish artifacts and paintings on all levels of the Club; designed to educate members and visitors and to provide a visual stimulus for general viewing and cultural heritage tours. Most of these artifacts and paintings are in storage during the transition to a new venue. Cultural tours of the Club are presented during Senior’s Week in October.

Cultural Resource Centre

Open Times: Monday – Friday – 11 am – 4.00pm

Contact: (03) 8535 4500 during opening times

For Reading Circle and Film Club: (Coming Soon)

Phone: (03) 9850 4468 – Chairman Cultural Heritage Committee

NOTE: Member’s volunteer assistance for the Centre is welcome eg: assistant librarians, tutors for the Computer Centre etc. We also welcome any donations of books, artefacts and paintings

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