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    Members' Forum

    Event Date: 01-05-21 14:00


    Dear Members,

    The Celtic Club is emerging from a painful transition and is entering a period of renewal

    Renewal means being able to attract new generations of members to a more inclusive culture. This will mean expanding our horizons, nurturing our existing strengths but adding to the value proposition of the Celtic Club. 

    In fact this is a necessary and overdue step, and the challenge presented by COVID has been a catalyst to reconsider all of our assumptions and to reimagine and expand the horizons for the Club, opening up new possibilities.

    We are developing a new vision for the Club, importantly, one that is supported by a sustainable business plan to protect and grow the asset base of the Club for future generations. 

    We are keen to seek the views of the existing membership as well as anticipating the needs of new and future members. 

    The Members’ Forum is one avenue for consultation and we are genuinely open to hearing a range of views and responses to our emerging plans.

    We look forward to a respectful dialogue on the afternoon of 1st May, and I would urge all those who are eligible to participate (current Full, Life and Veteran Members) to confirm their attendance as soon as possible via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Prof. Patrick McGorry AO

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