The Club is seeking to appoint members for this sub-committee and would like to encourage new applicants via the Expression of Interest form below on this page. The range of selection criteria is outlined below. Please highlight your skills and talents in line with the suggested selection criteria when applying.

(Applicants do not need to address all selection criteria but must be a Full Member of the club).

Expression of Interest should be submitted on or before the closing date 23rd February 5pm AEDT

Selection Criteria for Membership, Benefits, and Privileges Sub-Committee:

Membership Engagement – Demonstrated experience in engaging with club members and understanding their needs and preferences.

Customer Service Skills – Strong customer service skills with a focus on ensuring a positive experience for club members.

Understanding of Membership Benefits – Knowledge of the current membership benefits and privileges offered by the Celtic Club of Victoria.

Creativity in Benefits and Privileges – Ability to contribute creative ideas for enhancing and expanding membership benefits and privileges.

Communication Skills – Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, for effective interaction with club members and committee colleagues.

Event Planning and Execution – Experience in planning and executing events or programs that enhance the membership experience.

Analytical Skills – Ability to analyse data related to membership trends, preferences, and feedback to make informed recommendations.

Problem-Solving Abilities – Proven ability to address and solve membership, benefits, and privileges issues.

Marketing and Promotion – Knowledge of marketing strategies to promote membership benefits and attract new members.

Commitment to Inclusivity – A commitment to promoting inclusivity within the club, ensuring that benefits and privileges cater to diverse membership needs.

Collaborative Team Player – Ability to work collaboratively with other sub-committees.